Tue. Jan 19th, 2021


Newry’s controversial big screen will be broadcasting live beheadings it has emerged.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming protest of the Islamification of Ulster at Newry Town Hall UKIP’s Henry Reilly has called on the council to scrap plans of broadcasting the beheadings.

Reilly told Newry Spud

“It’s clearly an attempt to make us numb to this barbarity and the nastiness of the religion of Islam.”

But local Muslim cleric Al-Head Abassi speaking from the Mosque in Derrybeg stated that the spectacle is to be welcomed saying:

“What’s the problem here? People are losing their heads over nothing. It’s unfair that we Muslims miss out on the beheading of infidels. Where is the equality?”

Nobody from the council was available for comment.

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