Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

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Two of Newry’s best known runners Colm ‘Bootsy’ Fearon and Davey Garey are jetting off to France to participate in the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon on Sunday.

The two elite athletes are not going over to just ‘take part’ they have been entered in the elite division meaning that they are now ranked in the world’s top 10 long distance runners.

Speaking from their training camp in Bessbrook ‘Team Dog’ was in the best condition of their lives. We spoke to ‘Bootsy’ who sees himself as the leader of the pack a Newry Haile Gebre Selassie type figure if you will.

“It doesn’t really surprise us that we are in the world’s top 10 long distance runners. Truth be towl, it should have happened a lot sooner, but we won’t complain. We have a good strategy going in to the race on Sunday. Basically Davey is going to be my pacemaker then when the time is right I will put her in to 5th gear and bring back the title to Newry.”

The two boys are an unconventional type of athlete. When we visited them 2 days before the marathon they were smoking fegs and enjoying a carry out from the nearby Dan Gregory’s off-licence.

Davey Garey, the lesser of the two athletes said:

“It’s all about Bootsy on Sunday, I’m happy to be his pacemaker and stooge. Here, pass me another tin of Harp, good lad.”

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