Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

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A Bessbrook man is to protest outside McCooey’s Café on Monaghan Street he has told Newry Spud.

Damien ‘Dee’ Beattie claims he is consistently undercut while getting a breakfast in McCooey’s because the fry only contains one pork sausage.

Mr Beattie told Newry Spud:

“I love McCooey’s Café but why only one small sausage when getting a fry? Everyone knows that a fry should at minimum have two sausages on it. I don’t think its intentional miserableness from McCooey’s but we just want an extra sausage and we will protest until our demands are met.”

We spoke with McCooey’s CEO Lianne McCooey who said:

“It’s not actually true. We do give customers two sausages, sometimes three but only if they are thin. We are doing Damien a favour by only giving him one sausage, it’s a subtle yet kind way to tell him he needs to go on a diet and I’m just really sorry it has come to this level of protest.”

A PSNI spokesman confirmed they have received a request from the parades commission from Mr Beattie for permission to hold his sausage protest, motorists are advised to stay clear of Monaghan Street from 9am to 6pm tomorrow.


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