Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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Bessbrook’s very own MasterChef contestant has blown away judges this week by serving up his signature dish of ‘re-hydrated noodles swimming in a rich chicken and mushroom jus’.

Eamon Maginnis entered the competition on a whim, but has managed to scrape through the preliminary rounds of the illustrious competition.

Eamon told Newry Spud:

“It’s nerve-wracking having to cook in front of the nation. The pressure waiting for the kettle to boil was intense. Normally I’d cook this dish for myself or the kids, not Greg and John from the BBC.

“Fair enough, some people would say it’s just a Pot Noodle, but I add my own twist to it. Extra Soy Sauce”.

Judge Greg Wallace, who was impressed with the Newry man’s efforts with the noodle-based dish, said:

“This guy’s got talent. I’m looking forward to his dessert entry now, which I believe he’s described as ‘A light pallet pleasing fusion of Raspberry with a touch of icing flakes.

“Or ‘Angel Delight’, to give it its proper title”.

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