Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

A Bessbrook man has begun a one man militant campaign of terror on all roaming dogs in the village we can reveal.

Damien Beattie an avid Shane O’Neill’s and Down GAA man has spoken out about his ongoing ‘courageous battle’ against dogs that seemingly single out his garden and only his garden to shit in.

We spoke with Damien from the camouflaged hideout in his garden where he was waiting with a shotgun for the next dog to enter his property and he told us:

“Why can’t dog owners in this fucking village just keep their dogs under control? It is as if these dogs are singling out me for their shit attacks. Every morning there is at least 8 new dog craps littering my garden, ok, it is good and free fertilizer but it’s getting me down recently.”

Meanwhile we can confirm Beattie has 3 confirmed kills of unattended pooches that entered his garden to relieve themselves.

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