Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

A Bessbrook husband and wife have been charged by the PSNI and Social Services as being ‘unfit parents’ after it has emerged that they allowed their 3 children to live in the backward looking south Armagh village we can reveal.

Known as an incest filled village where the gene-pool is extremely shallow, Newry PSNI rushed to the scene when news came through that there were 3 grown up children living in Bessbrook which naturally caused extreme panic.

Speaking to Newry Spud SDLP’s Kate Loughran said:

“Clearly this is a very unusual case. When we heard there was a married couple who had 3 children and who were reared in Bessbrook we became extremely worried.

We contacted Social Services immediately who came and rescued the 3 kids who are now thankfully safe in a secure home in the Newry area. It’s just an awful, awful set of circumstances.”

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