A new soap opera to rival the likes of Emmerdale and Coronation Street will soon hit our screens, according to our sources at the BBC.

“The Beg”, set in Derrybeg, has already started filming and is expected to air on 21st of September.

Newry Spud spoke to the producer David Smyth who told us:

“It’s a real-life, gritty insight into Derrybeg living. It won’t quite have the glamour of Chester’s Hollyoaks or the social impact of, say, Eldorado, but it’s fresh TV that’s hard-hitting”.

Much like their more established counterparts, ‘The Beg’ and its characters will have ‘central hubs’ where all the action takes place, like the pub in Corrie or the cafe in Emmerdale.

‘The Beg’ however will focus many of its scenes in and around the STD clinic in Daisy Hill Hospital and the Dole Office on Bridge Street.

Local actor Geno Lynch who is playing a central role in the new programme told us:

“We’ll be tackling all the modern issues one would expect to see in real-life Derrybeg, like teenage pregnancy, incest and so on. We’re currently looking for actors and extras, but failing that we’ll just stick a few cameras up around the Estate and let them get on with it.”