Tue. Jan 19th, 2021


An abstract painting by Banksy has been found this morning on the walls of an unnamed building on Hill Street.

The painting, dubbed THE CUNX, has art critics worldwide pondering what profound meaning it is attempting to convey.

Declan Painter, the curator for the Newry Museum of Urban Art, was amongst the first to visit the painting,

“What a stunning, abstract piece. Look at the perfectly rounded corners, and the effortless flow of the dark shade, balanced perfectly by the symmetry of the negative space.

Oh, this is a Banksy alright. But what is the message behind this piece? Sadly, that is a mystery that may never be solved.”

Barry Wright is an art critic from Belfast,

“I would say the open nature of the painting’s curves symbolises the inherent evils of socialism, and the dark black is a subtle nod to the anti-authoritarian nature of the piece.”

“I think it is important for any young child interested in art or politics to study this painting meticulously.”

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