Thu. Jan 28th, 2021


The Northern Ireland Assembly has said they are in talks with NASA to build a custom rocket to launch the 6 political representatives from the Newry & Armagh area to work every morning they have revealed.

Our SIX political representatives spent the following last financial year on ‘mileage’:

William Irwin £7,131.90

Megan Fearon £6,755.90

Dominic Bradley £5,550.00

Cathal Boylan £5,259.80

Danny Kennedy £5,079.05

Conor Murphy £3,338.10

From April 2015 to March 2016 it cost taxpayers £33,114.75 to send the Newry & Armagh political representatives to Stormont we can reveal.

A spokesman for the Assembly told Newry Spud:

“After some careful consideration we have looked at the financial viability to get these six to Stormont every morning. We have come to the conclusion that it would be cheaper to build an orbit reaching rocket that will leave Newry every morning with the six politicians on board. Anything to save money.”

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