Ashfield Golf Club Now Just A Massive Kids ‘Crazy Golf’ Course


Local golf club Ashfield have scrapped their traditional 18 hole system and have replaced it with a new state of the art ‘Crazy Golf’ course.

The move comes after it became apparent that the members were literally not good enough to get past the 3rd hole on the current course leaving it financially unsustainable.

We spoke with one member of the club Rodney Quinn who told Newry Spud:

“I think it’s a great idea to be honest. I only know of one lad who got past the 3rd hole and that was a big day for the club and I personally speaking have not seen the first hole, if truth be told I only come to the club to get away from the wife and get a few pints of Smithwicks down me.”

Club stalwart Seamus McNulty told Newry Spud about the new course:

“Basically it will be a 9 hole kids ‘Crazy Golf’ course full of windmills and we are putting in a water feature too for the craic.  There will also be a bar on every hole so the lads can get a pint while playing their round of Crazy Golf. I think we are leading the way and other courses around Ireland will soon follow suit.”