Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Newry’s Around-A-Pound is an absolute treasure trove of useless shite you’d never need it has been revealed.

The shop on Hill Street is jam packed with useless photo frames and cheap deodorant.

We spoke with an Around-A-Pound spokeswoman who told us:

“From the outside, this place might not look like much but if you’re willing to do some work and dig a little bit, you realise that this shop is absolutely packed to the brim with useless shit.”

Newry Spud went inside the shop and spoke with one customer who told us:

“This is the only spot in Newry to come to for poor smelling BO spray and random dung that I never need. You wouldn’t believe what I found last week, a CD of 5 Star from 1986. Claah baah.”

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