Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

There is growing concern in the Barcroft district of Newry this evening with the worrying news that reality TV star ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ along with his sons have gone missing we can reveal.

It is thought that Dog and his wife were in the estate to execute an arrest warrant for a local man accused of selling imported tobacco.

Local full time Hero/Saint and part-time Councillor Gavin Malone told Newry Spud:

“I saw him and the sons walking around looking at a few houses. I recognised them straight away from the TV. When word got out that he was about looking for someone he was surrounded by angry locals and that’s the last we’ve saw of him.”

A PSNI officer told us:

“We would encourage anyone with information on Dog and his familiy’s whereabouts to contact us immediately. But this is Barcroft and frankly anything could have happened. Only this morning we were called to an incident where a man had a horse with only two legs drinking a bottle of Buckfast, while sniffing a line of Coke.”

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