Sun. Dec 6th, 2020

An ambulance was called to the Quays Shopping Centre today after a man saw the price tag on his wife’s new dress for a wedding in Gasp Boutique we can reveal.

The incident happened around 2pm today when the couple went to the shop to select a nice dress for their son’s upcoming nuptials.

The unfortunate man told Newry Spud:

“Me and the woman were browsing through some nice little dresses, I didn’t really give a shite what she picked, all I knew was that I had to buy a tie that matched her dress.

She saw this one dress that she loved with a hat and all. Anyway, I saw the price tag out of the side of my eye and I felt dizzy and became very faint.

Jaysus I couldn’t believe what they were charging us with a straight face. Thankfully they called an ambulance and I got assistance. I’m buying her some yoke out of Primark, will do her rightly.”

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