Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


Women in Newry are set to get free evening classes so they can learn about the concept of time.

The Northern Ireland Assembly has announced the measures for women who struggle with getting to places on time, catching buses and understanding how long 5 actually minutes is.

Assembly spokesman Harry McGinn told Newry Spud:

“We often get lads in here moaning that their woman has no concept of time. Take my wife this morning – I told her that she had 15 minutes to leave the house so she could make it to the bus on time. I announce when 15 minutes is up and then I get my head chewed off for not making 5 minute announcements of how long she has left. She misses the bus and it’s my entire fault.”

The classes will include:

  • Understanding how long 5 minutes really is
  • Learning not to say they’ll be ready in two minutes when it’s more like 40 minutes
  • Planning things in advance (things like getting ready for work)
  • Learning that those extra five minutes in bed do not make you any less tired but do take an extra 5 minutes out of the time that you could have eaten your breakfast.

It is hoped that the classes will bring about a more organised society in Newry and also bring down the percentage of domestic arguments.

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