Aliens Cancel Contacting Earth After Seeing Destination Newry

The president of the Atwari race from the nearby Luyten Galaxy confirmed today that his people will not be continuing with plans to make contact with Earth, he told Newry Spud:

“After reviewing and reading several posts of the Destination Newry Facebook page we cancelled all plans to make contact with earth,” said Atwari President  La-Lu-La “I cannot possibly justify reaching out to their species at this time.”

President La-Lu-La, who had previously expressed excitement at sharing cutting edge technology that could have cured the Coronavirus, eliminated world poverty, and put an end to all war forever, said that the regrettable decision came about after a junior aide showed him the Facebook feed of Destination Newry.

President La-Lu-La continued:

“I appreciate you are a simple people but I thought the level of journalism and intellect would have surpassed what I witnessed and it made me seriously rethink our plans. I do not believe that endless lists of death anniversaries, shit news and mediocre to poor content are good indicators of our inter-species cooperation.”