Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

ep4f (18)

This afternoon, witnesses report a woman walking with a 6-year-old boy on Monaghan Street who loudly proclaimed his desire to push the button at the traffic lights.

“He was really pushy,” said James Lynch, a local builder who was walking behind the child at the time of the incident. “Before his mother could press the button he interjected with ‘No. I want to push the button!’”

According to reports, the little boy proceeded to press the traffic light button far more times than was necessary to activate the amber & red lights that alert traffic of your intention to cross the road to go to Friar Tuck’s.

“I stopped my car but he just would not stop pressing the button. I waited a good 10 seconds before his ma pulled him away and forced him to cross,” said motorist Linda Fatspatrick.

Worryingly this is not the first time this child was seen making forceful requests to press a button. Last December, he was seen by several patients and visitors in Daisy Hill Hospital, demanding to press the button to get on the lift.

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