Lonely Mayobridge Man Get’s Married To Himself

A 42 year old Mayobridge man Peadar O’Hallion is the first person in Ireland to marry himself it has emerged.

O’Hallion who has been in love with himself since first discovering masturbation was married on Saturday in St Patrick’s chapel in an emotional and moving service.

Mr O’Hallion was given away by his elderly father who gave him over to himself and there was not a dry eye in the chapel.

We spoke to O’Hallion from his honeymoon suite in the Canal Court Hotel:

“I just had to marry myself to be honest. I’ve only ever been in love with myself and I have only ever made love to my own hand so it just seemed natural in every way. I am very excited to get on now with married life.”

It is understood Mr & Mr O’ Hallion will continue to live in Mayobridge where the marriage is seen as quite normal given the usual antics that occurs there.