Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

If you and your significant other want to take a romantic walk on Valentine’s Day, here is the Newry Spud top five places guide.

5. Derrybeg.

Why not take your partner for a romantic walk around Derrybeg housing estate. Nestled off the Camlough Road it has picturesque views of the Newry skyline.

4. Loanda Crescent

Loanda Crescent not only sounds romantic but it boasts some of the district’s most beautiful scenery. If you squint hard enough you can almost pretend you don’t see Barcroft in your direct eyesight.

3. Newry Canal

Maybe a bit of gentle water scenery is more your thing. Newry Canal is a perfect walk for a loved up couple. It’s distinct smell is one that is an acquired taste but you’ll love the romantic sculptures that scatter the canal made from discarded shopping trolleys.

2. Sugar Island.

If you’re stuck in Newry then why not meet up with your lover for a walk along Sugar Island. There you’ll have the aroma from the canal system mixed beautifully with chip fat from Friar Tucks to make the day even more memorable. There’s even a big fucking Cannon and a weird monument to some man who climbed something years ago.

1. Bernish Viewpoint

If it’s something a bit ‘different’ you’re looking then take a short drive up to the local Bernish Viewpoint. An area of outstanding natural beauty. Here you’ll not just get to be romantic with your partner but with every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane that’s there. Enjoy.

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