Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

There were scenes of joy and jubilation in the Carrickdale Hotel last month with news that they have received a 4 star recommendation from Fáilte Ireland.

This comes after 35 years of business on the Louth/Armagh border and is seen as a great achievement after their long standing war with mice in their kitchen.

One Fáilte Ireland spokesman told Newry Spud:

“This so-called award isn’t to be met with any type of pride or joy. It was given to the Carrickdale as a mere formality as we give it to any business who has tried for 35 years to breach 3 stars on the Board Fáilte star system.”

However a Carrickdale spokeswoman told us:

“After a long suffering campaign with vermin in the kitchen (and I don’t mean the head chef) we are happy to announce we’re down to only a handful of happy-go-lucky mice who we have allowed to remain in the kitchen. The staff, the mice and I are very proud of this award from Fáilte.”

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