Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

We have compiled a short list of things that you’ll only know or understand if you’re from Newry.

1. You hated hearing your colour armband to leave the pool.

2. You actually believed there was a faction of the Middle Eastern militia ‘The Mujahideen’ roaming the streets.

3. ‘Aye your MA’ or ‘Your DA sells Avon’ were the quintessential put downs.

4. Seeing Pat Price’s wee ice-cream van come into your street on a Sunday made your week.

5. When you played football the last person to say ‘Not nets’ was in nets.

6. You look on with suspicion and anger at anyone getting a Friar Tucks chicken burger without coleslaw.

7. Your first kiss or sexual experience was in Hilltown, Relic, or Ceaser’s.

8. Your Ma used wallpaper or brown paper to back your school books.

9. Anyone who wore black and didn’t shave their hair were ‘wobbly heads’.

10. First sign of the sun, head to local pond,lake,river etc.

11. You went to ‘Skids’ roller Disco in Cloughrea and were petrified of the ‘white hoods’.

12. ‘Will you shift my friend’ was how courtship started.

13. McKnight’s Toymasters was the Disney of Newry.

14. When CD’s where a thing you bought them from Carlin Records.

15. If you were from Bessbrook you got your school shoes and clothes from Moorehead’s so your Ma could pay them off weekly.

16. Seeing soldiers with guns walking around the street was normal.

17. You’ve made it when Lofty called you a ‘Rubber Head’.

18. You spent all your money in Lazers.

19. If you’re over 30, your Ma and Da met in Cupid’s.

20. You judged people’s class and social status by their school uniform.

21. You always stole more than you paid for in Woolworths pick n mix.

22. You remember the old cinema (where Bellinis is for our younger readers) and your feet sticking to the stinking carpet.

23. Having your Birthday Party in Friar Tucks.

24. Having your birthday party in Thrills n Spills in the Point.

25. Your first trip ‘abroad’ was Omeath.

26. You had a chip, sausages and beans in ‘Dirty Dick’s’.

27. You went around the doors when you made your Holy Communion or Confirmation so the old ones would give you a pound.

28. You bought a pair of Spliffy jeans from the Asian guys in Newry market.

29. You sat on the Canal wall for a bus or Jimmy Cunningham’s black taxi.

30. You bought stink bombs in Newry market.

31. You thought you were the best thing ever wearing button up Adidas tracksuit bottoms.

32. James’s chips that where the size of one spud.

33. There’s nowhere in the world you’d ever want to live….

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