Tue. Jan 19th, 2021


Popular local watering hole The Brass Monkey had to remove the Northern Ireland flag after a telephone warning that the pub would be ‘burned to the ground.’

After removing the flags the Brass Monkey put a sign at the front of the premises advertising ‘All Pints 25p’.

We spoke with the bar manager Marie Therese McKenna who explained the 25p pints:

“After the story got a lot of media coverage the so-called ‘Dissident Republicans’ called to us and offered to subsidise every pint that we sell. After coming to an agreement we can now afford to sell pints for only 25p. So, I suppose every cloud has a silver lining and all like.”

Newry Spud tried to contact the local ‘Dissidents’ but they were unavailable for comment due to them being busy stealing sweets from local children.

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