Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

American singer Bruce Springsteen has said that he is set to re-release his famous 1984 ‘Born In The USA’ album under the new name of ‘Born In The IRA’ we can reveal.

Springsteen who recently told Rolling Stone magazine that he was actually born in Crossmaglen before quickly moving to America for a ‘better life’ is releasing the album as a ‘homage to my home’.

Springsteen told Newry Spud that there are other songs that will be renamed in the album:

“Obviously ‘Born In The USA’ will be renamed ‘Born In The IRA’ as will ‘Cover me’ to ‘Cover me with a rake of gunfire Peadar’ and ‘I’m Going Down’ will be titled ‘I’m going Down Like That Lynx Helicopter In Silverbridge’ we are working on other adjustments that we hope will make the new album ‘shoot up; the charts.”

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