Mon. Jan 25th, 2021


Thousands of people have brought down a booking hotline after a famous Warrenpoint Jazz festival was accidentally announced as the Warrenpoint Jizz Festival.

The typo, made by a graphic designer who was working on a poster, was spotted by thousands of interested parties, who took to the phones to book their tickets. Sadly, the phone lines went down after just 20 minutes.

Angry customer Mick O’Toole told Newry Spud:

“I was so excited when I saw the poster. It was my dream come true. I got straight on the phone to my mate Liam who said that he wanted to go too. Then we went down to Millets and bought ourselves a tent and some film for our camera. Then we came home and had a cup of tea.

Then we decided to book our tickets so we phoned them up but there was this woman on the end of the phone telling us that the phone lines had gone down and that the event was not going ahead as advertised. Both Liam and I were very sad so we went down to the Armagh-Down and got drunk.”

The PR Company who was looking after the artwork have since sacked their graphic designer, who reportedly had a grudge against its director after he snubbed him at a works party.

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