Sun. Jan 17th, 2021


Following a live broadcast from their WIN Industrial Estate Studios, 101.4 IUR FM DJ James ‘Groovy Tunes’ McGinn announced that he is completely unaware of what his face looks like, according to reports.

“People just kept coming up to me saying ‘You’re ‘Groovy Tunes’ McGinn” I have been a staple of the 101.4 IUR FM for a few years now.  At first I thought they were asking me a question, but it turns out they just imagined I’d look cooler because my voice is really great.”

McGinn continued: “I guess I did too.”

Fans of ‘Groovy Tunes’ McGinn opted to have the local radio legend leave messages on their voicemail, instead of the traditional handshake and Selfie Photo.

“When you listen to someone’s voice every day, you feel like you know them,” said ‘Groovy Tunes’ fan Micky Phelan. “I never expected ‘Groovy Tunes’ to just be some ordinary Joe with a shit Trilby hat and creepy murderer black leather gloves.”

“I guess this is why they say you should never meet your heroes,” Micky continued. “Nice guy though.”

At press time, James ‘Groovy Tunes’ McGinn solemnly placed his Trilby hat on his brow and confirmed that he never completely understood the “face for radio” joke until just now.

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