Judge Sentences Teen To ‘6 Saturday Nights In A Row In The Brass Monkey’


A Newry Judge has sentenced an 18 year old man from Newry with such a harsh punishment it is under review.

Judge David Collins sitting in Newry’s Crown Court was sentencing the man who cannot be named for legal reasons for a case of anti-social behaviour.

Judge Collins sentenced the young man to 6 consecutive Saturday nights in ‘The Brass Monkey’.

The sentence was condemned as inhumane by the League for Penal Reform and is going through to the European Court Of Human Rights.

Judge Collins gave an interview to Newry Spud today saying:

“I had to use the most strenuous punishment open to me, this little shit has been in my courtroom 3 times for anti-social behaviour, ASBO’s didn’t work and curfews didn’t work.

I was considering sending him to prison for 9 months but I thought I’d impose the harshest sanction open to me and make him go to ‘The Brass Monkey’ for a month as there he will have to look at the hideous states that come through their doors and listen to the cringey 90’s discotheque music and dodge the MILFS that prowl the place. That will teach him.”