McParland’s Hardware Selling ‘Rubber Testicles’

  McParland’s Hardware shop on Monaghan Street has been praised for selling ‘rubber testicles’ for testicular cancer awareness we can reveal. The shop that sells traditional shite for the garden and household made the brave decision today and said they will sell the balls until they are out of stock. We spoke with a McParland’s […]

Hilltown Get 1970 Floppy Disc

News has spread with much excitement around Hilltown with the news that the Floppy Disk is to reach the village today. The 1970 invention that changed the world of computer data storage coincides with the recent arrival of the Spectrum computer console that reached Hilltown two months ago. We spoke with one Hilltown resident Kevin […]

Burren Excited To Get The Sony Walkman

In an historic first for the people of Burren, the iconic Sony Walkman will reach the village this week it has been revealed. Originally released in 1979 the Walkman has been used widely in the Newry area thorough the 80’s and 90’s by music lovers. But Burren will now get the Walkman 37 years behind the […]

MSN Messenger Reaches Hilltown

It has been a busy week for the village of Hilltown. As we reported last week the village was due to see their first ever Austin Mini Metro, see story here. This was followed quickly with the news breaking today that Hilltown are expected to get MSN, the defunct messenger service from Hotmail that most […]