Barcroft Selling On QVC For Five Easy Payments Of £29.99


Citing a lack of any meaningful revenue and minimal interest by anyone with an employment history, the City of Newry has decided to sell Barcroft on QVC for five easy payments of £29.99.

The small closely-knit (inbred) area of Newry will now feature on the popular UK based TV commerce channel QVC.

However local Councillor Gavin Malone told us:

“We are trying to stop the sale of Barcroft on the shopping network. God knows what could happen, someone from south Armagh or anything could phone in and buy the place. That would be ground zero for us here.”

But QVC shopping channel told us:

“We’re delighted to feature Barcroft on our economic blight showcase. Viewers will now be able to consider purchasing the little place along with other similarly-valued villages and towns like Derrybeg and Burren. Deals this good will hopefully be a lot harder for people to avoid than the towns themselves.”