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Newry Bus Driver Sacked After Not Returning Wave Or Flashing Lights At Fellow Driver

A bus driver from Newry has found himself jobless today after a tribunal hearing found him guilty of ‘not bothering to return a wave from a fellow bus driver coming in the opposite direction’.

Paul Hughes, who had only been employed by Ulster Bus for three months, was dismissed after CCTV footage exposed him purposely dismissing a wave from colleague Mick Mulholland travelling northbound out of Newry.

A clearly shaken and disturbed Mullholland told Newry Spud:

“It’s a well-respected tradition that a bus driver will wave to a fellow bus driver coming in the opposite direction. Paul just looked straight ahead and ignored me. The miserable bastard didn’t even flash the fucking lights. I’m glad Ulsterbus has sacked the bastard. Wanker.”