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Cathedral Install USB Phone Chargers In Chapel Seats

The Newry Cathedral announced during service last Sunday that they will be installing USB ports in their seats so that parishioners can charge their phones while attending Mass.

Fr Peader O’Phile explained that with people bringing their phones everywhere, the church is showing that they’re relevant and accepting of modern times.

He added that with declining numbers of people attending chapel, the faith should take advantage of new ways to retain and attract parishioners.

Fr O’Phile told Newry Spud:

“Younger generations have a short attention span. We know they aren’t going to want to sit through a whole hour-long sermon, especially if their phone could die halfway through. We think this just might keep them here.”

Not all Church members are pleased with this technological addition. Brigid O’Hare has been a devout member of the church’s community for 52 years and said that it’s unnecessary sacrilege.

“We should be discouraging mobile use altogether during service. This is a house of worship, not some classroom where you stare at your phone under the desk instead of listening.”

While not to everybody’s liking the move seems to have worked as one Facebook poster said they are going to Mass this Sunday to “read this Bible everyone has been talking about,” and to “see how fast the Wi-Fi is.”