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Julie WideFlapps View Of The Week

We got rehoused in Mourne View this week after getting kicked out of my old house for growing marijuana. Super excited. New Willies to ride and hopefully nobody remembers me from the great 2015 summer orgy at The Bernish.

Packing boxes would sweat the shucks out of your arse. I found more dildos than Ann Summers sells. Britney came running “oh look mummy I’ve found a pearl necklace”, I hadn’t the heart to tell her they were my anal beads.

Arrived at my new house. Next door man looks a bit of all right until I seen his woman, cross eyed Sharon that worked on the tills in Philips Fruit Shop. “Stay away from my man” she warned. I told her the day you look me straight in the eye I’ll pay heed to what your saying.

The postman is a bit of a looker. Towl him he can post his big envelope in my letterbox any day. It’s been three days since I got my hole and I’m beyond frustrated. I’d take Marty Bogroll and Charlie Casey at the same time I’m that horny!

Anyway until next week folks …