Newry Spud Press Release: URGENT

Newry Spud would like to send out our sincere apologises to a Bessbrook man after he was mistakenly reported by some mad man as being the Newry Spud. We have become aware that he has received threats on his personal welfare from several Newry malcontents who although are claiming ESA and PIPS seem to have […]

Down GAA Approach Ranieri – ‘I Can’t Turn Water Into Wine’ Says The Italian

Down County Board has approached recently sacked Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri to take over the ‘fallen’ county after recent poor performances and in-fighting between former players and coaching staff. The ‘Mournemen’ have become a shadow of their former selves. Once self-anointed ‘Aristocrats of Gaelic Football’ they now look like they struggle to kick a ball […]