MySpace Reaches Silverbridge

MySpace the Grandfather of modern day social media made a massive impact today when it arrived in Silverbridge we can reveal. First launched in 2003 the media platform was mostly used by weirdos and musicians but the people of Silverbridge are in joyous mood as the now semi-defunct platform reaches the notoriously backward type village. A […]

Assembly Buy Newry & Armagh MLA’s NASA Rocket To Save On ‘Mileage’ Costs

The Northern Ireland Assembly has said they are in talks with NASA to build a custom rocket to launch the 6 political representatives from the Newry & Armagh area to work every morning they have revealed. Our SIX political representatives spent the following last financial year on ‘mileage’: William Irwin £7,131.90 Megan Fearon £6,755.90 Dominic […]