Local Butcher Selling ‘Cock-Ham’

Newry Butchers Magill’s have come in for criticism today after serving ‘phallic’ looking ham. Known as ‘Cock-Ham’ it has divided opinion throughout the Newry area. One customer told Newry Spud: “It has an unusual taste to it. Far stronger and a bit more gamey than ordinary ham. I love it.” While another local told us: […]

Shandon Park To Start Irish Language Classes

In a move thought to be significant for community relations the residents of Shandon Park are to rename the estate to Páirc Uí Seandún and also hold weekly Irish language classes it has been revealed. Shandon Park is often seen with Union flags and Loyalist symbols on lamp posts have seemingly had a change of heart and now […]

Public Allowed To Hunt & Shoot Newry ‘Huntsmen’

A controversial new policy that enables anybody with a gun licence to shoot an over-privileged, tweed jacket wearing wanker on horseback has been introduced to the Newry countryside today. Any small or large groups seen mounted on horses following a large pack of Foxhounds, blowing horns and passively using phrases such as “that is most unsporting”, “tally-ho!” or “I […]

Newry ‘Love Heart’ Sweets Launched

The famous Confectioner Swizzles who make the ‘Love Hearts’ sweets have launched a new ‘Newry Love Hearts’ collection they have revealed today. The sweets will do away with the traditional Love Heart favourites such as ‘Kiss Me’ ‘Hug Me’ and ‘I Love You’ with more relevant Newry slogans. The sweets will now have ‘Are You […]