‘Simple’ South Armagh Farmer Somehow Able To Mix Complex Fuels

A ‘simple’ farmer from Cullyhanna with no qualifications to his name can still somehow make a complex chemical mixture that makes cars and heavy machinery run we can reveal. Despite not being able to put 2 coherent sentences together Peader ShittyBoots a 27 year-old from Cullyhanna can miraculously differentiate between saturated hydrocarbons such as naphthalenes […]

Mullaghbawn Spy Deported Back To North Korea

A Mullaghbawn man has been deported back to his native North Korea this morning we can reveal. Liam ‘Chinky’ Harte who has been living as a double agent sending secrets about south Armagh to his supreme leader Kim Jong-Un was caught yesterday in O’Hanlon’s pub using a ‘crude but sophisticated’ radio transmitter. We spoke with […]